ICN Landed Dreams On The Ground In Bahru, Kakori

KAKORI/LUCKNOW, October 29, 2020: Till now various media groups and journalistic organizations have been writing and serving news of the happenings in the national and international area in the society only , but ICN has made a news for the first time in history in Bahru village of Kakori area of ​​Lucknow.
The village Bahru, the native place of Qamar Mustafa and Najam Mustafa, has suddenly become a beautiful news and is recorded in the book of examples and the local people witnessed directly the execution of the ‘Rural Entrepreneurship Mission’ of ICN Media Group directly. It was a great event when a fisheries system(BIO FLOC) well equipped with the latest international technologies is introduced by ICN to the rural people.
On this occasion, the organizer of the program, Rajiv Saxena, Editor-ICN International, Najam Mustafa, Consulting Editor-ICN and Dr Shah Ayaz Siddiqui Editor-in-Chief ICN World said that only the model of  International rural entrepreneurship can fulfill the dream of global development.

The Earth is ‘green’ that’s why there is life on it. That is why you and we are here. That is why there are dreams, possibilities, and hunger on the earth. Probably the equation of ‘Life’, ‘livelihood’ and ‘possibility’, is the most powerful equation in the world.Dr. Norman Borlaug, as a nutrient for lifelong humanity, explored the equations of vivid possibilities between ‘life’ and ‘livelihood’ and at his death, he left the legacy of green revolution for the world and responsibility for the generation to come to build new bridges between ‘life’ and ‘livelihood’.

ICN Media Group, born on the surface of human compassion, has the fragrance of the global personalities like Dr. Norman Borlaug, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr. BC Roy, and Major Dhyan Chand. This is the reason why ICN started its mass movement of global humanity by drawing inspiration from these global legends in which, gradually, the eminent experts and collaborators from all walks of the world, engaged in the cause of humanity, and today, ICN has become a global forum with energetic representatives of 170 countries of the world.
While embracing Dr. Norman Borlaug’s dream of a ‘green and prosperous world’, when ICN brainstormed the integrated present global conditions, the idea of ‘rural entrepreneurship’ emerged from it. ‘Rural entrepreneurship’ means the campaign to shine the entire sky with the twinkling stars of urban development in the black sky. Humans are everywhere in the world, so hunger is also present everywhere. Therefore the solution and satiety must also be present everywhere. The dream of availability of bread and butter for the entire world cannot be turned into reality unless the formula of ‘the person who is there, develops there’ is applicable everywhere. ICN, under the International Green Series of its ‘Rural Entrepreneurship Mission’, aims to explore the potential of rural agro-related industries in every part of the world, to carve it out, and to create an environment to implement it on a pilot level.
The magic of the unique combination of rural entrepreneurship and self-reliance was realized by the people gathered there and it developed the belief in millions of people that their dreams in the sky can land on the ground.
ICN has taken great initiative in the field of rural entrepreneurship and self-reliance, under the pioneering guidance of its International expert Rajeev Saxena ( Editor-International) and National Expert Hardik Murarka (Executive Editor-ICN) in Bahru Village in collaboration with local residents. Qamar Mustafa and Najam Mustafa, and conveyed  a message of  rural entrepreneurship by using modern technology in agriculture and allied fields.
This program of the series of Rural Entrepreneurship Mission of ICN was conducted in Bahru Village, Kakori, Lucknow under the chairmanship of Dr. Bhola Nath Mishra (Sr. Consulting Editor-ICN Group), following social distancing among many regional people.  While conducting the program, Tarun Prakash Shrivastava (Senior Executive Editor) said that journalism is not merely a communication of facts and events, nor is it merely a platform for counting problems.
Journalism can only be considered as the fourth invisible pillar of democracy when it makes his expected contribution to create a positive and ideal balance in the three visible pillars of democracy.  If the media does not have the solution or proper alternates of today’s problem, such a media is nothing but social termites for the attainment of vested interests which are slowly hollowing the society.In the program, Rajiv Saxena ( Editor-ICN International) was honored by the regional social worker and former MLA Indal Kumar Rawat.
The Chief Advisor of ICN Group Prof. K.V.Nagaraj from India, the Senior Advisor & Sr. Editor of ICN Group Rakesh Lohumi from India, Prof. Pradeep Mathur(India), Advisor & Chief Consulting Editor of ICN Group, Vijay Kumar Verma, the Group Editor ICN World  from India, Dr. Sushil Solomon(India),Ex. VC CSA Agriculture University Kanpur & Sr. Consulting Editor-ICN International, Sr. Consulting Editor ICN, Kamal Nayan Mishra, Retd. Major General (Indian Army), Prof Awadh Ram(India), Ex. VC MGKV Varanasi & Sr. Consulting Editor ICN, Dr. Ram Bhujel (Thailand),the Director Aqua Centre AIT Thailand & Sr. Consulting Editor ICN, Lt. Col. Nilesh S. Ingle, the Joint Director DG Recruiting New Delhi & Consulting Editor, from  India, Prof. J,S. Yadav, Consulting Editor-ICN, Varaporn Suthipeth (Thaiand), Consulting Editor-ICN International from Thailand, David B. Shea (USA) ICN North America, Conrad Paparowa (Australia) ICN Oceania, Ghassan Aki (Brazil) ICN South America,Yiugeni (Ukraine/Russia) ICN Europe.
Pieter Kmerman (Canada/Netherland) ICN North America, Marvin Sikota (Zambia) ICN Africa, Vinod Belani, Sr. Associate Editor-ICN International from Thailand, Jamal Abdullah Al Shamsi (UAE) ICN Asia, Christeen Thi (Vietnam) ICN Asia, Aphrodite Machopolou (Greece) ICN Europe, Max Robbynson (Indonesia) ICN Asia, Dr Vincent Tan (Malaysia) ICN Asia, Tho Sithi(Laos) ICN Asia, Srikul. K (Thailand), Associate Editor of ICN Asia, Cyrus Etminan (Germany), Sr. Associate Editor of ICN Europe, Prof. Masarrat Haseeb(India) Ex. Principal Scientist-CSIR & Consulting Editor-ICN, Dr. Neelima Garg (India) Principal Scientist & Head ICAR-CISH & Consulting Editor-ICN (Hony.), Dr. Bhola Nath Mishra (India),Convener, SJM & Sr. Consulting Editor-ICN Group, Dr. Sudhanshu Singh (India), Managing Editor-ICN Group, Dr. Upsham Goel(India), Chief Consulting Editor-ICN, Tarun Prakash Srivastava(India), Sr. Executive Editor-ICN Group, Dr. Shah Ayaz Siddiqui (India), Editor-in-Chief, ICN World, Prof. R.K. Yadav (India), the Dean Lakhimpur Campus Agriculture University Kanpur & Editor-ICN, Prof. Jaswant Singh(India), Member-Antarctica & Arctic Expedition & Editor-ICN, Barnali Bose( India), Editor-ICN World, M.S. Mazumdar(India), Editor-ICN Group, Mohammad Zaid(India), Editor-ICN Group, C.P. Singh(India), Editor-ICN Group, Lidiya Myalkina(Russia), Executive Editor-ICN International, Dr. Shweta( India), Executive Editor-ICN, Dr. Shah Nawaz Siddiqui(India), Executive Editor-ICN Group & Hardik Murarka(India), Executive Editor-ICN Group, Masood Alam Jilani, Sr. Associate Editor-ICN, Dr. Pankaj Kumar Yadav, Associate Editor-ICN, Rohit Rajiv Saxena, Associate Editor-ICN, Ranjan Rahi, Sr. Sub Editor-ICN, Mohd. Shadab, Asstt. Coordinator, Meraj Khan, Asstt. Coordinator, Shaad Mustafa, Mohd. Wali Mustafa, Ishaaq Gazi, Bhagwat Maurya, Sandeep Yadav, Jalim Singh, Panna Lal Rawat, Gaya Prasad Pal, Sarvesh Yadav, Haseeb Gazi participated in the program.

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