ICN India : Seeds Of Green Revolution In Bundelkhand Soil

BANDA, 29.11.2020.History of the land of Bundelkhand, which has grown the martyr’s crop in the shape of Alha Udal and Rani Laxmi Bai and many more from time to time, had never experienced the reproductive pleasure of greenery like that of its neighboring provinces. India enjoyed only infinite grace on its face to suppress the enemy and the fierce and power in its huge arms that terrorize the enemy but it never looked at its weakened stomach out of continuous hunger and starvation. Neither the central Government ever placed it in the list of its priorities nor the state government has ever facilitated it at the required level. The truth is that we had been defaulting continuously in paying off our debts to this historical region.
ICN Media Group corrected this mistake by discharging at least an installment of debts of the soil of Bundelkhand through introducing its ‘Global Rural Entrepreneurship Series’ in Rampur, Jaspura Block Banda under the blazing torchlight of Dr. Norman Borlaug, the pioneer of the Global Green Revolution on 29th of November, 2020.
Col. Nilesh Ingle a serving Indian Army Officer and the Joint Director DG Recruiting New Delhi & Consulting Editor inaugurated the event in presence of several representatives of the locality and explained the international techniques to turn the entire Bundelkhand into a Greenland.
Rajeev Saxena (Editor International, ICN) and Dr. Shah Ayaz Siddiqui (Editor in Chief ICN) organized the event wonderfully and conveyed the message of independence and self-reliance to the people of the area. While saluting the land of heroes, ICN sprouted the Green Revolution in the earth which had been colored red with blood again and again in history.
ICN is not only a platform for healthy and responsible journalism and dialogue, but it is also a means of taking the development journey to the destination not only with a pen but also with tools and crafts, and this is why it has a mission of social upliftment in Literature and Art in Rabindra Nath Tagore genre, Education and Crafts in Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan genre, discipline, Health and Medicine in Dr. B.C. Roy genre, Sports in Major Dhyan Chandra genre, Science and Technology in Dr. APJ Kalam genre and agriculture and prosperities in Dr. Norman Borlak genre and resolved the hierarchical structure of the new version of the prosperous world and introduced its ‘Global Rural Interpretership’ series nationally and internationally. Apart from several events in various places in India, ICN organized Thailand, Vietnam and Germany Successfully organized ‘webinars and webshops’ and showed the direction of a safe and prosperous destination to the society.
ICN is of the firm belief that all-round development of the world is possible only if the mantra of ‘everyone must be developed there where he is’ will be implemented on a global scale. In the Banda district of the land of Bundelkhand, this grand festival of planting greenery on the chest of hard earth was welcomed by the regional people with arms outstretched.
The Chief Advisor of ICN Group Prof. K.V.Nagaraj from India, the Senior Advisor & Sr. Editor of ICN Group Rakesh Lohumi from India, Prof. Pradeep Mathur(India), Advisor & Chief Consulting Editor of ICN Group, Vijay Kumar Verma, the Group Editor ICN World  from India, Dr. Sushil Solomon(India),Ex. VC CSA Agriculture University Kanpur & Sr. Consulting Editor-ICN International, Sr. Consulting Editor ICN, Kamal Nayan Mishra, Retd. Major General (Indian Army), Prof Awadh Ram(India), Ex. VC MGKV Varanasi & Sr. Consulting Editor ICN, Dr. Ram Bhujel (Thailand),the Director Aqua Centre AIT Thailand & Sr. Consulting Editor ICN, Lt. Col. Nilesh S. Ingle, the Joint Director DG Recruiting New Delhi & Consulting Editor, from  India, Prof. J,S. Yadav, Consulting Editor-ICN, Varaporn Suthipeth (Thaiand), Consulting Editor-ICN International from Thailand, David B. Shea (USA) ICN North America, Conrad Paparowa (Australia) ICN Oceania, Ghassan Aki (Brazil) ICN South America,Yiugeni (Ukraine/Russia) ICN Europe.

Pieter Kmerman (Canada/Netherland) ICN North America, Marvin Sikota (Zambia) ICN Africa, Vinod Belani, Sr. Associate Editor-ICN International from Thailand, Jamal Abdullah Al Shamsi (UAE) ICN Asia, Christeen Thi (Vietnam) ICN Asia, Aphrodite Machopolou (Greece) ICN Europe, Max Robbynson (Indonesia) ICN Asia, Dr Vincent Tan (Malaysia) ICN Asia, Tho Sithi(Laos) ICN Asia, Srikul. K (Thailand), Associate Editor of ICN Asia, Cyrus Etminan (Germany), Sr. Associate Editor of ICN Europe, Prof. Masarrat Haseeb(India) Ex. Principal Scientist-CSIR & Consulting Editor-ICN, Dr. Neelima Garg (India) Principal Scientist & Head ICAR-CISH & Consulting Editor-ICN (Hony.), Dr. Bhola Nath Mishra (India),Convener, SJM & Sr. Consulting Editor-ICN Group, Dr. Sudhanshu Singh (India), Managing Editor-ICN Group, Dr. Upsham Goel(India), Chief Consulting Editor-ICN, Tarun Prakash Srivastava(India), Sr. Executive Editor-ICN Group, Dr. Shah Ayaz Siddiqui (India), Editor-in-Chief, ICN World, Prof. R.K. Yadav (India), the Dean Lakhimpur Campus Agriculture University Kanpur & Editor-ICN, Prof. Jaswant Singh(India), Member-Antarctica & Arctic Expedition & Editor-ICN, Barnali Bose( India), Editor-ICN World, M.S. Mazumdar(India), Editor-ICN Group, Mohammad Zaid(India), Editor-ICN Group, C.P. Singh(India), Editor-ICN Group, Lidiya Myalkina(Russia), Executive Editor-ICN International, Dr. Shweta( India), Executive Editor-ICN, Dr. Shah Nawaz Siddiqui(India), Executive Editor-ICN Group & Hardik Murarka(India), Executive Editor-ICN Group, Devidayal, Sr. Citizen, Dinesh Kumar, State Coordinator-ICN, Rohit Saxsena, Associate Editor-ICN, Vipin Kumar, Rural Correspondent-ICN, Bhajan Singh, Pradhan, Rahmat Sheikh, Shrawan Kumar, Nand Kishore, Kuldeep Singh, Shivram Yadav, Shriram Gupta, Shabbir etc participated in the program.

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