About Us

The ICN Club is powered by ICN Trust which leads ICN Digital Media at National and International platform. We have observed that the world is well equipped with the talent but this talent and expertise are not available to the needy people. ICN Club is a platform which can bridge both ends. With an understanding that if these experts’ people and the people needing them could contract through a junction, the number of new opportunities for development and betterment of the needy people may be generated. ICN Trust believes that making the expertise available for mass everybody shall find an opportunity to be developed at the place where he is located.

Through ICN Club, the efforts of ICN is to break the ice in these areas and provide the expertise to the needy people for their betterment. We understand that through this club, both the ends shall join their hands and the unique idea of ICN of “Rural Entrepreneurship” shall be implemented on the ground. We invite all the concerned sectors to join their hands for the betterment of humanity.



However, we have verified/shall verify the personalities, entities, business houses & the organizations clubbed with ICN Club to a certain extent but we put our disclaimer forward here against all and if any misconduct is ever done by the members of either side, resulting into any financial, social, political damage or any other damages of any type to anybody, ICN shall never be held responsible against the same.