By: Dr. Sankalp Chawla

LUCKNOW: With the increase in the sedentary and unhealthful lifestyle, a large number of populations are already in the plunge of obesity. Often overlooked assuming it to be harmless , it can lead to a mammoth of lifestyle disorders like Type II Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension,  Osteoarthritis etc.

The ones who are actually aware of the ill-effects of the obesity try hard to shed those extra pounds from the body through various diet patterns and workout regimes. In fact, articles relating HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT have become one of the most searched things on the internet.

Well, although these articles reach out to great masses, only a handful of them seem to get benefitted. Most people complain that even after a strict diet and a heavy workout regime, they are not getting the desired results. Perhaps, this is also a frequently asked question which we physicians & dieticians come across. So if you are among those who are not getting lighter despite of torturing your taste-buds and punishing your body for hours in the gym, these can be a few reasons for it.

You are not well-hydrated.

In order to lose weight, the metabolism of one’s body should be up to the mark. The cells of our body will not be able to perform the metabolic activities to their best capacity until they are properly hydrated. And also when you are drinking enough water, you tend to fall hungry less often. So, just make it a point to consume 3-5 liters of water on a daily basis.

You are not getting enough sleep.

If you are not getting enough time to sleep then both your body and mind remain in a STRESSED OUT MODE. In such a mode the body is in the influence of the corticosteroid hormone which is being released into the blood. This hormone promotes the fat accumulation in the body usually in the central areas. So relaxing your mind and body by taking at least 5-6 hours of sleep and 30 minutes of meditation exercise everyday will keep your body free from this hindrance of weight loss.

You need not lose weight as per your BMI

Body Mass Index or BMI is a measure which tells us the status of our weight in comparison to our body height. BMI between the ranges of 18-24.9 is considered normal as per WHO. The chances are that body structure is such that it makes you look overweight in terms of your physical appearance. So, your weight in terms of health doesn’t match up to your weight in terms of appearance. And since you are actually healthy in terms of weight your body doesn’t respond much to your oats, green tea or heavy cardio.

You are Skipping meals

One of the most common mistake people make when it comes to dieting. Missing any meal leaves you even hungrier by the time you’re going to have your subsequent meal. This leads to the intake of additional calories during your following meal which get stored in your body as fats. So skipping meal is in fact against the dieting. The golden rule is EAT SMALL AND EAT FREQUENTLY.

You are Bingeing on low-calorie Snack or soft drinks.

These are so-called low calorie wafers or diet colas which are actually not a healthy alternative to snacking. It is that when the body receives sweet without the calories, it incites an increased yearning for other food items, making you eat more. Also, these drinks contain artificial sweeteners which are not digested i.e. not absorbed by the intestines. As a result of this, these remain in the large intestines interfering with other microbes which aid in digestion, thus impairing proper digestion.

So if you are landing in any of the above categories, try focusing on that point or changing that one habit and in a matter of time, you will figure out that how it actually made your weight-loss program work for you.

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