Sustained Agriculture: Can we do it in India….? Why not…

Sustained Agriculture: Can we do it in India….? Why not…

By: Rajiv Saxena, Sr. Associate Editor-ICN 

BANGKOK: World may not have enough food by 2050 a report from the Global harvest Initiative, states that world population expected to be atleast 9 billion by 2050, the demand for food,fiber and fuel will likely outpace food production if the current rate of output remains the same.

World may not have sufficient food to eat by 2050..CNBC .com,It all sounds logical therefore many countries and their governments along with many NGOs and Farmers associations have embarked on a path to redress this impending problem which would arise in the future.

The modern methods of hi tech agriculture are being researched and the vast areas of land in the world are underutilized or not utilized at all for agriculture purposes. The reason are inaccessibility, no power and electricity, water shortage , poor quality of soil and climatic conditions I.e.extreme cold ,hot conditions prevailing in far reaches of the land on our planet.

Areas and technologies have been designed and are being implemented to augment the production of food crops by using modern farming techniques like…
A. Promoting climate smart water management
B. Applying good soil management practices
C. Strengthening the agriculture risk management tools
D. Further refining the agriculture information
E. Differentiating policies to target sector development asymmetries
F. Promoting carbon sequestration
G. Need for global food system

What is sustained farming ?

It’s the integrated system of plant and animal production practices having a site specific application that will last on long term for example to satisfy human food and fiber needs , to enhance environmental quality and the natural resources based upon which agricultural economy depends., to make the most efficient use of non renewable and on farm resources and integrate natural biological cycles and control to sustain the economic viability of farm operations and to enhance the quality of life of farmers and society as a whole.

Renewable energy, Sustainable Water  management systems ,Soilless cultivation systems.

Solar and wind hybrid irrigation systems, modern and efficient integrated solar and wind power based pumping systems by using solar and wind energy to power these systems. Solar and wind are the natural resources we can harness energy from where little or no infra is avaialble.

The best example of this hi tech agriculture I could see  it in Thailand recently travelled around 4000 Kim’s from Bangkok to the north and east Thailand interiors and remote farm places . Remote as we call it in India or africa but in Thailand it’s amazing with roads and lush green farms, soilless cultivation, aquaponics and hydroponic farms.

How well and intelligently the entire farming is organized is a model to replicate elsewhere too.

There are regions of around 100 to 150 Kim’s which produce a specific crop for example Casava belt, sugarcane , mangoes, avocados, strawberries, tamarind salads and lettuces to name a few…  With in this 150 Kim’s belt there are processing factories to produce value added products so the farmer doesn’t have to travel more than 10 to 15 Km to sell his crop and realize his money to go ahead with the next crop.
A farmer concentrates on his job fully and is prospering with no pressures of taking the produce to big cities to sell it.
Govt. has provided such infra to them so they prosper. They don’t have to run to claim subsidies from pillar to post instead they utilize their time to sow their next crop without wasting their time on to claim their dues.
Can we do it in India….? Why not…

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