Educate n train Farmers children for better economy and prosperity of Farmers….who are dying…

Educate n train Farmers children for better economy and prosperity of Farmers….who are dying…

By: Rajiv Saxena, Executive Editor-ICN Group 

BANGKOK: It’s so surprising and shocking and hard to believe that farmers are committing suicide in country whose economy is also based on agriculture. For flourishing economy of any country agriculture provides a very strong input for the growth of a nation.

We have unemployed youth farmers children looking for a menial job in cities to subsist.

We have a terrific infrastructure base and training facilities Agriculture institutes, ICAR , CSIR and many more such organizations but result is not showing on the ground and in improving farmers life which give us our daily bread…WHY….

The farmers are not getting or being given proper care and adequate facilities and schemes….all such schemes are for filing and statistical purposes it looks…

To help the grass root level farmers there is nothing interesting subsidized schemes are offered by government but for huge projects which a real farmer can not afford so remains helpless….

Which grass root farmer can invest 1.5 to 2 cr…for a project to claim subsidy…? Break down these schemes to practical and workable levels for a grass root levels…

Train and educate the children of farmers on priority and with full grants instead of keeping schemes only cosmetic.

Farmers children can do great wonder by learning n trying and helping their old parents to keep modern methods of agriculture in use through this young generation. These so called unemployment allowances being given to young people will make them useless they want to work…so these schemes have some agenda which is not going to solve unemployment problem and having entrepreneurs in future..this chain has to be created by NGOs coz government handle and also not thought or done anything about which can be seen on the ground levels..

Look at the south East Asian nations how progressive n prosperous their farmers are and they contribute a very large extent and percentage to the nations economy..

This would definitely help in high quality farmers operating in their own fields and not look for menial…

India has fertile land proper sunshine and adequate rain fall.

It’s not only conventional and traditional ways of farming we have to think out of the box. And create model projects in each district of India..
Where soil is not good we can adopt modern ways of agriculture like, soil less culture,

Aqua phonics and Hydroponics and Polyhouse  culture.

I see a bright future for Indian farmers and there children. Children if train by government will make wonders in the farming…NGOs should come forward to help Indian farmers honestly and with good intense like NGOs n governments have done it meet the challenges of food shortages in 2050 . They have started taking measures from now to cope up with this issue through sustained agriculture…methods.

We have this issue to keep our farmers and their children to continue farming now with modern methods at grass root levels with government offering affordable schemes with the strangulated farmers as of now.
There is a ray of hope for sure … Can we move towards it .. We must for sure…

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