Science Of Money: Part 1

Science Of Money: Part 1
By: Tarun Prakash Srivastava, Sr. Executive Editor-ICN Group
First payment to self
Hello friend!
Well, we have met on this route. I’m happy to meet you. The journey is long, but I think that when two people go on a trip like friends, no travel is long. Every journey of life teaches us what life is in the real sense. If you permit me, we will walk a little far together on the long journey of life and I promise you that during this association, I will try to explain the secrets of life to you one by one, which are never exposed on, and the absence of whose knowledge made your success only a dream which is almost impossible to achieve in this life. The smile on your face and the sense of well-being in your eyes has filled me with excitement. Please accept my friendship too.
First of all, I would like to introduce myself.
I remember my childhood and this too that right from the beginning, I have been a passionate person. I have been attracting every way on which only few people have gone. Perhaps this is what to come out of your comfort zone. The persons, outside the zone of their facilities, often feel fear and insecurity. This task is not easy because we are so busy with our synthetic utilities and we are so adjusted therein that each change makes us fearful.
Friend, did you ever think about the aim of the education and training you got by your hard work and continued labor through your various schools, colleges, universities and training centers? No doubt, development of our intelligence, understanding and social reactions are among them but nobody can deny that above all, it’s most important and significant aim is to develop the ability to earn one’s livelihood.
Here, I want to ask a question more from you – how do we make our livelihood? You have given its answer accurately–we have our livelihood by earning money. Friend, does it not suggest that all of our acquired qualifications and abilities are the measures of making money and get success in our life?  But unfortunately, we know our taught subjects only and not of ‘MONEY.’
Do you not think that our all the knowledge and understanding till now is the knowledge and understanding of the ‘ways’ only and not of ‘destination’? That is why we pass through our paths very easily, but our destination makes us confused seriously, and we find ourselves unable even to see and experience the ‘SUCCESS.’
Like the numerous people of the world, if your destination is also ‘MONEY,’ you have no escape from admitting the fact that the Money is itself a complete subject and no college, institution or university imparts its education anywhere.
I have felt through my life that the Money itself is a perfect subject.  It is a self-proven science which could never be reduced into black and white and only for this reason; the entire world is demarcated in the group of 97% and 3% people.
While in the category of 97% of people, only failure, surrender, frustration, impurity, falsehood and negativism is lying, there are successful people in every area of life filled with enthusiasm, joy, energy, and purity in other group of 3% people.
These three percent of successful people did not succeed at all, but they developed their mental abilities up to that level where they understood the secrets well and became the best students of Science of Money and they earned special qualifications and capacities in the subject of Money from the everlasting University of ‘Life’.
I will try to highlight some of the mysteries of same science of money walking through the way with you today and I am sure that if you try to understand these secrets with open mind and heart and decide to bring it into your life, then whatever type of person you are at the start of this journey, you will be full of gold’s energetic energy by the end of the tour surely.

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