Thank You Cancer

Thank You Cancer

By: Amresh Kumar Singh, Asstt. Editor-ICN

The Apex of Glories


‘Kumar, The real purpose of life is not only to survive. Life is an individualist and accomplishing our greatness before death is the real meaning of life. What is the purpose of such an unknown life that ends with our death? I am delighted today as death has given me such a tremendous delight that I was constantly aching for. Today I have this faith that my name will not wash out with the remainder of my lifetime. My existence will be safe forever.’ She closed her eyes forever after those words.

‘Arshiya…,’ I shouted suddenly but very soon realised that it was my lousy dream that used to annoy me time after time by being the bitter memories and used to dwell into my eyes as hurting tears.

The million dollar properties, the possessor of India’s most excellent and most famous robotic company I ‘Kumar,’ used to lost into my past in the same style I used to lost with her when she was with me. The sole dispute between my past and present is that she is not with me. My history had taught me to merchandise the beloved, and my present taught me to love my love. I am living, my heart is palpitating, my breaths are in one piece; all these are the evidence that my love is still sacred like the sacred trust of her to me that she knotted the relationship with the endless sleep and broke the tie with her breath never to add another relationship with it. She knew it that her breathing would exclude her companionship, but her love will never let her go alone. Her soul is with me, her memories, her name, her existence, her yarn, her cute daughter, everyone is with me, but the only remorse I have is her physical being; that is delineated as the endearment and allure left my accompaniment forever ‘Kumar, Robert Dissuza is willing to meet with you.’ Somya informed me suddenly and took me out of my memories.

‘Oh I see!’ I was a bit astonished and added run riot, ‘Call him inside.’

‘As you wish, Kumar.’ She left the office after wishing me.

One moment of silence then there enters a gentleman. Stylish glasses stimulating the beauty of big eyes, sapphire suit, sapphire trouser, bizarre conjecture and a strange smile on happy face; Mr Robert Disuzza was in front of my eyes in the next moments.

‘Hello Kumar,’ He came out in his pop style and greeted me.

‘Welcome back Robert, welcome to Arshiya Industries one time again.’ I too welcomed him seriously and added, ‘You seem to be very happy.

‘I think you are yet to be informed, isn’t it?’ He asked laughingly and bit shockingly.

‘What character of information, Robert?’ I asked vigorously.

‘You are feat Kumar.’ He replied, ‘When anyone from the entire universe gets a probability to take the popularity than he used to singleton the entire social network by their advertisement and here, you are reaching the top of success, the success is passing behind you, and you are unknown with all those accomplishments. This is the identity of the great personality.’

‘Robert you circulate the words a lot.’ I said, ‘Now let me know the most important information that I don’t know and that is exciting you in this manner.’

‘My friend, you too will go dancing after getting this info.’ He replied increasing my excitement.

‘Robert,’ I went quite serious and just called his name to calm my excitement.

‘Your dream is partially carried out my friend.’ He got hold of my seriousness seriously and added, ‘Your daughter has been nominated as the best entrepreneur of the year and as far the experts are concerned, no one can stop her by registering her name on the most awaiting need of your liveliness.’

Sometimes the massive pleasures too make a human ill peculiarly. I went silent for a moment as I felt that it was not information. Instead, it was a dream, and it was the hammer of pleasure that made me a speechless-a statue. The bones of the body went gusty, heart started palpitating rapidly, tears were in the eyes. For instance, it got in my mind that I should stream out the rivers of tears and go downwards into that river, but she used to say that tears are priceless one should pour it out very deliberately. If we destroy it for small cause then it leaves our companionship in a great desire, so I was forced to change my mind. Yes, It was my awaited desire, but its potency was not so sizzling that I had to waste my tears as she used to consider that half-victory is the victory of the luck. The day you conqueror the thrones entirely then that is your triumph. It was only a partial victory of our love and five more days was remaining to find the final consequence, yet a small win was enough for me to hug Robert.

‘She will win my friend; she has to win.’ Said, Robert, ‘Your insanity, your sacrifice and your true love are with you. You will, my dear, you will.’

‘We all are with you, sir.’ Suddenly the entire Arshiya Industries were there too congrats me, and between them, there was standing the cute and the most charming girl in the world.My breath, my reason of heartbeat and the youngest member of the industry- “Miss Arshiya”.

The most creative, most beautiful, the angel of angels, my daughter, my Arshiya came running and synonym into my lap in no time, This moment always used to convey great pleasure to the heart of any father and this time I was blessed.

The pleasure of success and tears of joy in her eyes, my cutie pie was unknown to the grandness of her tears.

‘Life is a gamble; here you are defeated sometime and sometime you win. You should not impose every bet blindly by boasting on the wins and break the relationship with it by the number of defeats. Who knows a single day’s luck can change your life. If the arrow doesn’t strike to its target it never means that it is the last fortune of that bow. The future of every person is pen out by the lord and lord never cheats anyone but who carry on just by blind faith and pass everything on superstition he or she never become a hero. One win never makes Alexander to anyone. Your tears are priceless, learn to hold it. You have to glean many pleasures, it’s just a start, my dear, Isn’t it?’ I persuade her lovingly and wiping her tears.

‘You are very naughty papa.’ She also rewarded me lovingly.

‘Why?’ I asked smiling.

‘You are weeping and spoiling my image for no reason.’ She innocently replied and pulled my nose, ‘Arshiya never weeps. It’s the dust in the air that forced me to put down some priceless tears of your loving daughter.’

‘Tears in my eyes, is it so? No way, darling.’ I also coloured in her prankster colour, I too pulled her nose and added, ‘This is impossible.’

‘I am hundred percent right papa. Once again, you are cheating this is not fair.’ She added her stuttering words, ‘You are a cheater, cheater, cheater.’

‘No,’ I defended myself.

‘Yes,’ she baulked on her words.

‘No,’ I defended myself one time again.

‘Yes,’ she too baulked on her words one time once more.

She was never going to give up, and today I was also in the same mood thus the sweet battle of love started between her and me and the entire members of Arshiya industries were enjoying the amusement of great strife. I realised it very soon, she too, and the moment she realised she collapsed on my arm with the unexplainable pretty shy. The golden liquorice of claps and love made the chilled air of air conditioner peculiar hot bringing the gentle wind of spring there.

The season of spring, the season my love always used to prank, enjoy and glean its beauty into her arms. She used to tease me in my memories, kiss me and used to lose with her daughter. Today one time again, she came in front of my eyes, kissed me, blessed her daughter and congratulating me disappeared smiling, laughingly and teasing me.

The hypnotising tone of her anklet, the pleasure of face, the jingle of bangles, the blossom of the lips, streaming hairs, talking frankly and repeatedly provoking to tease me, those memories, those days, that world was far away from me yet she has dwelled in my heart.

‘Here we have an interesting announcement.’ The sudden announcement pulled every one attention towards it. ‘The entire family is requested to gather at the meeting hall; our managing director has an urgent call.’

I saw at her with a mystical smile; she too had hidden a mystery behind her adorable smile.

‘Surprise…,’ The kittenish girl with prankish attitude came closer to me, kissed my forehead and ran away to hold the position that was made only and only for her.

I have been happy yet messed as my longing was testing my nerves at every instant. A sound was coming from all parts of my soul, ‘Kumar, your eyes are running to be a witness to any miracle.’ I was dying to know that miracle that repeatedly knocked the door of my emotions. I never had such type of anxiety in my entire life. My anxiety poked me in such a way that I was not capable of holding back my steps that set about to go nearer to her to salute her stentorian daring.

‘A very, very good afternoon to one and all.’ The word coming out by touching the rosaceous lips of that sober, naive girl hypnotised me completely. My heart and mind were sunk into the fathom of her words. My eyes started looking like a sacrosanct saint, and her world spread like a sacred psalm.

‘Friends, Arshiya Industries have touched the stentorian of those successes that can be only regarded as a dream for other industries. It’s not a success of an individual instead its success of the entire Arshiya Industries family. It’s my success, it’s your success, and it’s our success. Your accompaniment, your master-logy, counselling, trust, your motivation made me worthy that today I can hold the responsibility of the managing director of this Industry. It’s my pleasure to inform you that today I have successfully stood for the dignity that was rewarded to me. I guess I proved your decision as the right decision.’

Everyone welcomed her speech by the energetic pitch of their claps.

‘Friends I was examining myself and your experience for two years.’ She added, ‘I know today Arshiya Industries don’t need anyone’s introduction. This industry has met the great success since my childhood. The goal of our industry is to work on new era technology, in other words, new trends in technology. Every year we opened the new chapter of success, but I am sorry to say that the Arshiya Industries were not started just to touch the height of these successes. We have tremendous resources, an ace of income, fantastic masters & experts, skilful beginners, the legends that were born only for our family. We have zealous beginners, experienced masters even though we are sticking to the trail that was grown by someone else; not in our family or by our family members. History says success is granted by our own research our own efforts. The success that we gain by our own built track, the delight of that success, that achievement is unique, marvellous and exceptional. The tone of that unique characteristics is amazing. This case of fortune collaborates with the luckiest personality who further becomes a great personality.’

Her face went dizzy, her melodious and stentorian voice was yet knocking the door of my ears, but when the real girl entered; the girl of enthusiasm and snap voice was with her words in my memories.

‘Why should we travel along that course where every ordinary human finds their connotation? Why we can’t create the path that will guide us to our aspirations? We are young, we are passionate, and we have the madness of creating something unique, then why to worry? We manufacture robots, the latest technology of the modern era that is only considered as the substitute of a human.’

‘Miss Arshiya, I am not getting you. What are you trying to explain? Please elaborate.’ I don’t know why my soul sunk into the fathom of past and forced me to raise a question for her peculiarly.

‘Sir, now we will manufacture those types of the robot that is imagined by every individual of the world. But they don’t give importance to them until they are successfully implemented.’ She replied immediately and added, ‘The world marched for more than thousands of years without telephone, mobile, internet, computer, ATM etc. We recognize that the lifespan of humankind was not impossible without these technologies, but the day these technologies came to the existence they became the need of the world. Right away from today onward, Arshiya Industries will manufacture those robots that will become the need of human. The historical battles were fought with the swords and javelin, but Babar conqueror India because his army had new technology- The tanks that spew the cannon of the turkey. We have resolved to offer a platform to the world where they will partake in their ideas of robotics for the successful execution.’

‘Miss MD,’ said Mr Verma, ‘Sorry for the interruption, but you know very well that there is a lot of gap between getting on an idea and its implementation. My experiences say that; it’s very tough to provide a program where every idea can be successfully carried out.’

‘I respect your experience Mr CEO,’ She replied without any ire and hesitation, ‘I think you have forgotten your own words. We manufacture robot; Robot is a playing toy for newborn babies, and it’s also the name of the crane that can destroy the tower touching the sky inside a moment. Today skilled people don’t have sufficient funds and affluent lack of the skills. We will work on those projects that will be implemented with the accord of entire Arshiya Industries. I admit there can be a conflict between experience and young brain, but a battle is won with the help of both of them. Our research and development team will work on those projects that will ease the working of human beings. If consumers appreciate our robots, then that robots will be developed for commercial aim, and if it goes wrong in its standardisation, then it can be used for playing toys for infants. We are well known for the facts that infants need something fresh for their entertainment, so there is no hazard of loss at whatever cost.’

‘It can be very risky as I think this is not that easy.’ Said Mr Sharma.

‘I know it,’ She added, ‘Innovation and discovery do not come into its existence without risk. You too know it real comfortably that our one success will wash out all of our failures. We are not going for any blind risk we will run on only those tasks that will produce results for us at regular intervals.’

She got hold of a long breath went silent for some time then went forward ‘Lord Krishna has said in Geeta-

“Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana,”

“Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani”

Hold back on doing your obligations without being tied to the outcome of your actions. You get something, or you don’t get anything, you should not worry about it. You should receive a neutral demeanour. But I suppose if you are performing then look for its outcome as luck ditch you once, it ditch you twice, thrice but if it repeatedly ditches you then lack is in your effort not in your luck.’

‘Miss MD, can I know when this mission will be initiated?’ I was not able to stop myself.

‘Why not?’ She replied immediately and added, ‘The project will be inducted today, here and right now. I request my adviser and my project guide Mrs Ridhi to please come forward and proceed with the details. She will begin this campaign.’

Everyone became silent for a split of a second, but the initiative of Somya took them out of a mystical coma, and after that, the entire foyer was occupied by the liquorice of claps for her pep talk and welcoming for Ridhi.

‘Hello and good afternoon everyone, It’s my pleasure to introduce such an exceptional idea of the project to you.’ The beginning of all Ridhi greeted everyone and moved her fingers on the laptop that was linked to the projector to reveal the mystery that has trapped everyone present there including me. After two or three minutes the power point presentation was opened in front of our eyes.

‘At first, our today’s presentation is linked up to the future possibilities in the automobile industries. Today the entire world is concentrating on the possibilities of the modification of new designs, better efficiencies, fuel consumption etc. etc. Solar power has come out as the new hope for automotive manufacturers and it is illuminating like a rising sun for this sector. When we initiated, it came in our mind that we should follow the world and carry on our research on the same subject, but very soon we realised that these resources utilities and our energy would be in the problem solver of very few people. Famous companies like OLA and Uber has eased the travelling of the travellers in developed cities, but the safety of traveller is still a point of concern for them. We are introducing video alert on our platform where you can get connected with your guardian through our app, and your journey and activities can be tracked through the video tracking mode. We can’t reveal all secrets here but one thing I assure you that our MD has added great features to this application. We are blessed to have this little angel as our first person of the company.

The concept was new, it was good though, and was associated with the demand of the modern epoch. Everyone appreciated the idea and everyone, including me accepted that this idea has potential to produce a history may be this was the reason that no one took even a second to welcome her thoughts as a result one time again the wave of claps started wandering there. My confidence went to the apex and I was really feeling myself as the luckiest father of the world to have Arshiya as my daughter.

‘Did you see Kumar?’ Said Saathi by showing his joy for her, ‘Arshiya has changed her body, she just left us to return back. You should be happy my friend, you really should feel proud of yourself.’

‘This little girl will raise the typhoon my dear friend.’ Somya too supported Saathi, ‘Same passion, same thinking, the same courage, the desire of flying between the planets, now the time is not far when we will fulfil the entire dream of Arshiya.’

‘Congrats Kumar, such a promising girl can only be your daughter.’ Mr Sharma too added his words with the words of Saathi and Somya, ‘Wow! What a great patronising you have passed on to your daughter. I don’t have words to express the love of both of you yet in one word both of you are amazing. I want to salute you my friend.’ He hugged me after completing his sentences.

I was hemmed in the stack of congratulations. It was the hard work of my daughter, and I was rewarded for that. I guess I had done excellent charity work in my pre-natal life as I was paid for the success that was named by my daughter; my role was hundred percent zero in that.

‘Return to your work guys. We are yet to initiate.’ Presentation and the wishing were over; thus Mr Verma took no time to order all of us to return to our work, but I had something different in my mind at that time.

‘One-minute friends.’ I asked them to stay there for a few minutes. My request has pulled everyone’s attention toward me. The pace of my steps became mercurial spontaneously, and within the next seconds, I was holding the seat where my little daughter had delivered an impressive and cracking speech. This was the space where the managing director of Arshiya industries has given the priceless gift to the entire members of the industry.

‘Arshiya, I love you’. I saw her, smiled and went silent for few seconds.

‘Friends,’ I added, ‘Swami Vivekananda has said; Learn to accept risks in your liveliness. If you succeed you will prevail and if you fail you can guide. The risk is the custom, Praxis of success. It is the heritage and culture of the achiever. Very few remember the name of history repeaters, but everyone remembers the name of history creators. If innovation and discoveries are temples, then the risk is its prayer, an effort is its homage, intimacy is its faith and result is its sacrament. I am feeling proud of myself, I am pleased that this temple was built for special motive. The role you all played to cherish every brick of this temple is exceptional. I don’t know how to thank you all. I worked hard on words, but there weren’t such words that can describe obligation for my daughter and me. Success held our hands very soon. As a result, we were errant for some time, but I am proud to say that this little girl has brought our train back to its sacred platform. I have waited for fourteen years to watch out this moment, the moment that was the dream of the most creative girl born in this universe. I had forgotten my responsibility, and today this little bird once again reminded me of my real connotation.’

‘It is said that breath leaves your companionship, but memories always stay with you.’ I continued after a long breath, ‘Its memories, what to say about it, it adds up and returns. We are stone hearts, weeps fire and we weep it at the fourth dimension when we are hammered with our own blood or hammered by heavy metals. Becoming calm in no time is our characteristics, but when we are blazed up, we burn the entire jungle in no time too. I accept that time has arrived to tell the world that why Arshiya industries were established and what was its literal connotation. Today it’s time to pursue the proper track; Ladies and gentlemen she is back.’ Everyone knew that who was ‘she’ of my sentence might be this was the reason I was welcomed by a warm appreciation of claps.

To Be Continued…..

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